Trisha's Public Love On Music Director

By - April 28, 2016 - 03:52 PM IST

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It does make a world of difference and brings immense happiness when you have an actress as a friend and she expresses her affection and bonding to you on a public forum. And if that starlet happens to be someone like the petite beauty Trisha then the impact is much more.

Usually, most of the top league heroines are quite guarded about being themselves on public platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. However, Trisha didn’t seem to mind all those regulations when interacting with the noted music director Raghu Kunche.

The duo has worked together for the movie Nayaki and in fact Trisha has also crooned for a song in it. Now, Trisha has declared on FB that Raghu is one of her most favorite persons. The man himself was blushing in joy. Well, those who witnessed all this are saying such things should happen personally or else all men will end up with broken hearts.

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