Facebook Tensions For All Celebrities

By - April 29, 2016 - 11:21 AM IST

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Ever since the social media has proved its power, the members of the film fraternity have latched onto it big time. In fact, this has become the best platform for them to promote themselves and create a brand for their own. The most sought after tool in this circuit is the Facebook medium.

There are hundreds of celebrities who have their own Facebook page and personal Facebook id. Now, the company has given a big jolt to all the users. It is asking us to log in with original name and also providing the right id. Even the date of birth should match.

You cannot log in if there is a mismatch. Well, in India many have different date of birth on record. Even the names are also different. At this rate, celebs and ordinary people FB accounts will get wiped off. Currently, many celebs are promoting themselves without media help but this will fall in trouble if FB implements these rules strictly.