Varun Tej Buys Rolls Royce To Nagababu?

By - April 29, 2016 - 05:03 PM IST

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The film industry is not just about offering entertainment to the people but it is also a place where your worth is measured by what you wear and how much you can flaunt. This is the reason why even those who are hollow from inside come across as wealthy and keep roaming in swanky cars.

At the same time, there are also those who prefer to lead their own simple lifestyle despite having all the capacity. Mega brother Nagababu is reportedly seen in a Honda Civic car and this became a discussion recently. But before it can go further, here is the other side to the story.

His son, mega prince Varun Tej is doing back to back movies and he is already touching the top league. If one or two of his forthcoming ventures become a success then there is no doubt that Varun will get the capacity to buy a Rolls Royce and gift it to his father. Only a matter of time folks!

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