Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Movie Review & Ratings

By - April 29, 2016 - 02:18 PM IST

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Cast: Nara Rohit, Taraka Ratna, Isha Talwar
Banner: Vaarahi Chalana Chitram
Music: Sai Kartheek
Producer: Sai Korrapati
Director: Pradeep

Tagline: Just a One-time Watch film & nothing much!


Maanick (Taraka Ratna) is a powerful menacing killer working for the local minister. DCP Sivaji (Sivaji Raja) is a sincere cop who is committed to put an end to Maanick and his activities. Maanick has life threat from two people out of which one dies in an attempt to kill Maanick and the other escapes. Meanwhile in the other part of the city, Raja Ram (Nara Rohith) is an aspirant director who falls in love with Chaitra (Isha Talwar). He gets a chance to write a love story and then an action climax for a renowned director. But suddenly one morning, Raja gets a courier from the director with a gun and a clause that he must kill Maanick or else his girlfriend (Chaitra) will be dead. What is the connection between Maanick, Chaitra & Raja? How did the hero untangle the plot forms the rest of the story.


Taraka Ratna: This forgotten hero has in a way made a decent comeback with this film. He managed to pull of the look and body language of the role ‘Maanick’ but somehow couldn’t match up to the weight and aura of the character.

Nara Rohit: Much usual stuff from this chubby hero (of course, he managed to pull off couple of dance moves in this film). But if we need to mention an impressive thing about him, it would be selecting this script.

Isha Talwar: Even after a couple of films, she couldn’t make the essential cut as an actor yet!

While Sivaji Raja makes a comeback with an impressive role, Srinivas Avasarala’s decent cameo is worth mentioning.


Given a good script, a good director is the one who is an adept at its execution. And a good taste is a bonus that acts as an icing on the cake! But Raja Cheyyi Vesthe director Pradeep Chilukuri seems to have a good concept, a zeal and conviction to tell a good story and a good taste that reflects in his narration (unfortunately these traits can’t satisfy the audience).

Coming to the film, it has a well hyped villain and an underrated hero who will be connected through the heroine. Seems like a good line but here is where the execution comes into action.

[Spoiler alert if you don’t want to know!] A villain’s intro – the hero’s love story – the villain’s quest for his assassin - a twist (intermission) – a flash back – a surprise connection – an unconvincing revenge by the hero!

The director got these parts individually well-written and the film is engaging till the intermission block. However, the second half is wrecked up with its dreary narration. The hero’s goal gets lately set which kind of disconnects you in the first place and by the time you involve in the hero’s mission, the movie is wrapped up. The director completely fumbled at executing this script that has fine prospects. The flawed second half does serious damage to the film.   

- Good story
- Performances of Nara Rohith, Taraka Ratna
- Engaging first half

- Second Half
- Over all execution


Sai Kartheek gives a decent album with a tinge of Ilaiyaraja style in his tunes and back ground score. But the songs fail to add value to the narration and end up being a major spoiler.


Nothing to mention.


In spite of good ingredients, Raja Cheyy Vesthe ends up being a decent attempt and a mere one-time watch. With a better second half, the film could’ve been a better entertainer altogether. If you have the time and big heart to encourage a film for the sake of Nara Rohith, go for it!

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