'I Love to Experiment New Subjects'- Suriya Interview

By - May 01, 2016 - 12:12 PM IST

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Suriya is one of those seasoned actors from the versatile film industry Kollywood. His always in the forefront to experiment with new roles away from regular commercial cinema but also focuses on entertainment and mass appeal. The actor is all set to entertain the audience with a Sci-Fi thriller 24 releasing on 6th May. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the bundle of talent:

Hello Suriya..

What is 24 all about?
The film is a Sci-Fi marvel. I cannot reveal much about the story (Smiles).

Do you think the audience can connect with such intelligent subject?
Definitely. Audience are more intelligent than we estimate them to be. In fact, the screenplay is quite simple and doesn’t have heavy terminology from Math or Physics!

How was it working Vikram Kumar?
I liked his work in Manam and even wanted to remake in Tamil. Somehow, it got shelved. Moreover, I am not up for remakes much.

How did you get to collaborate with Vikram?
He narrated the story for nearly 4 and half hours and I immediately accepted the subject.

You seem to experiment a lot with your appearance and looks in your films.Why?
I try to look different in each film because I yearn for experimentation. However, the get up should be relevant to the character and the feel of the film.

You did try Science Fiction earlier with 7th Sense but it didn’t do well. What made you try out for the same genre again?
 Well, I work and focus on the journey and don’t worry about the result much. If I like a subject I will give my 100% to it.

But you also chose purely commercial subjects like Singham?
Singham might look like an ordinary commercial film from the outside but it is a brilliant screenplay. The racy screenplay and narration makes it different and that’s why I find it fun.

Do you think 24 got delayed for any reasons?
No. We are happy to complete the film in time and managed to rope in world class technicians including AR Rahman for music.

What is the reason behind you not dubbing your voice for Telugu versions?
Already the dubbing artist who is working for me in Telugu is doing a commendable job. I prefer not to disturb that perfect flow.

When are you planning to do a straight Telugu film?
I am already on discussions with Trivikram for a Telugu film. He has given three stories and something will be materialized soon. But it might be a bilingual in Telugu-Tamil.

Who is your inspiration in films?
It is undoubtedly Kamal Hassan. He brought worldwide fame and accolades to Tamil film industry.

How difficult was for you during the Chennai floods?
We suffered a lot without proper drinking water facility for nearly 15 days.  I understood that water conservation is quite crucial for everyone.

Okay.. thank you and wish you the best for 24!
Thanks a lot!

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