Changes To Megastar's Storyline

By - May 02, 2016 - 07:41 AM IST

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There are those mega fans among you who would have gone through some major rollercoaster rides of emotion in the last few months or perhaps an year. The reason being, megastar Chiranjeevi’s comeback venture which also happens to be his prestigious 150th movie.

After the announcement was made, a mixed feeling emerged because Chiru decided to do a remake of the Tamil movie Katthi which has a rather societal storyline than mainstream entertainment. Till date, there are those voices heard expressing dissent over the choice.

However, here is something to cheer about. It won’t be as it is lifted from the original, some customization has been done to suit the image of Chiru and few changes would be made to the script and storyline as well. Let us wish it offers the required dose of Chiru that mega fans are craving for.

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