Surprise Treat By Mahesh Babu

By - May 03, 2016 - 12:00 PM IST

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While watching the teasers, trailers and other promos of a film you get a fair idea of what is going to be in store when the film hits the screens. In fact, you would have already formed your impressions and what is left is verifying whether your estimations are correct or not.

However, some filmmakers love to spring a surprise after you enter the theatre. Director Maruthi did that with his movie Prema Katha Chitram and that became a trendsetter in Tollywood. The climax portions of the movie Temper sprang a surprise to many and that also created a success point.

Now, superstar Mahesh Babu is preparing to spring a surprise as per inside reports. This is through his movie Brahmotsavam. So far, it is being perceived as a perfect glossy family entertainer but it is heard that there are some rough mass elements also. It is being projected as class treat but the release will reveal the mass elements. This is the surprise package from Mahesh so get ready for it.

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