Tamil Hero's Dhee with Mahesh

By - May 04, 2016 - 05:03 PM IST

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It is a common thing to see a Telugu hero’s movie getting dubbed into Tamil and releasing and vice versa but can you imagine a Telugu hero’s movie being made in Tamil and getting dubbed into Telugu? Well, it does keep happening regularly. The reason for that is the muscular stud Vishal.

His full name is Vishal Krishna Reddy and he has started his film journey in Kollywood only. But every film of his comes to Telugu in dubbed format. This time, he is coming up with yet another movie and this has been titled as Rayudu. This is slated to be an outright masala potboiler.

And here is the interesting part. The heroine is Sri Divya and she also happens to be a Telugu girl. That way, both the hero and heroine are Telugu but they acted in Tamil and it is coming in Telugu in dubbed format. The response to the teaser has been quite good in the B,C centers. This is releasing in both languages on May 20 competing with Superstar Mahesh's Brahmotsavam!

Let us see if this Rayudu can survive the competition!