Krish's Act Is Emotional And Promotional

By - May 05, 2016 - 10:32 AM IST

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When you see a person there is a certain vibe you get about him or her. Some come across as wise while some come across as learned and some across as shrewd or crooked. And then there are those who emit waves of intelligence and sharpness when you look at them.

Those who have met and interacted with the intellectual filmmaker Krish always say that he comes across as a very shrewd yet intelligent and intense person. His credentials are already known through his movies. Yesterday, Krish did something which has become a hot topic of discussion.

He has gone ahead and donated the National Award amount to Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer hospital which is headed by Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna. Krish has mentioned about that in twitter also. While the reason is emotional some also say it would also be useful for promotional purpose as well because he is now working with Balayya on a prestigious project.

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