Sekhar Kammula On Anamika-2?

By - May 05, 2016 - 04:27 PM IST

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You would have seen many different types of filmmakers in Tollywood but you would agree that among the new age filmmakers, the soft spoken Sekhar Kammula had a mark of his own. His movies such as Anand, Godavari, Happy Days, Life Is Beautiful had something special about them.

Eventually, Sekhar drifted into something more mainstream and came up with movies like Leader and Anamika. Incidentally, Anamika was the remake of the Bollywood flick Kahaani featuring the sensuous beauty Vidya Balan. Now, speculations are rife about a sequel to it.

Apparently, Kahaani 2 is already in preparation to shoot and it is scheduled for release on November 25th this year. With this, discussions have begun in filmnagar circles and many are wondering will Anamika 2 also come with Kammula taking the initiative. What say Sekhar?

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