Suriya's 24 Movie Review & Ratings

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Cast: Suriya, Samantha, Nithya Menen, Girish Karnad, Ajay, Saranya Ponvannan, Charle, Sudha, Sathyan, Mohan V. Raman
Banner: 2D Entertainment
Distribution: Shresht Movies
Music: AR Rahman
Editor: Prawin Pudi
Cinematography: Tirru
Producer: Suriya
Writer-Director: Vikram K Kumar

A Unique Unpredictable Fictional Entertainer


Siva Kumar (Suriya) is a super genius scientist who invents a time travelling watch and his menacing brother Athreya (Suriya) wants to grab it by hook or crook. In the hunt of the watch, Athreya kills Siva Kumar & wife but missed Siva’s son Mani Shankar (Suriya) and his fate-changing invention. Decades later Athreya wakes up from coma just to realize he lost 26yrs of his life and especially the super invention (time travel watch). What did Athreya do the grab the watch and how did a watch mechanic Mani know his past and change the fate forms the rest of the story.


Suriya: Nevertheless to say he is a brilliant performer. He has once again delivered a stellar in all the three characters.

Samantha: She is super gorgeous in the film. If not an exaggeration, you can’t simply take your eyes off her.

Nithya Menen: Her cameo is a key asset for the film.

Ajay: This able actor does yet another significant supporting character in the film.

The rest of the cast including Girish Karnad & others did a decent job.


Vikram K Kumar is undoubtedly one of the few competent directors in contemporary Indian cinema who can execute thrillers well. Unlike his 13B, Vikram tried out a sci-fi thriller this time and was successful in keeping it unpredictable and engaging enough. Firstly Vikram deserves thumbs up for successfully attempting a sci-fi thriller in a mainstream commercial format.

We have had films on time travel backdrop but Vikram chose to tell an ordinary revenge story slightly differently with his favourite stuff- time & watches (Remember clocks, clock towers, present-past connection in Manam & 13B?).

The story revolves around a time travel watch but instead of routine stuff like linear narration, re-incarnation etc (what filmmakers usually prefer in the case of stories like these) Vikram K Kumar pitches a purely fictional game. Vikram’s key strengths lie in romance and thrillers and this film also looks fine in both the departments. The best part is that the film is absolutely unpredictable and engrossing all the way. The director could keep the challenging narrative articulate, convincing and logically sound with its share of highs and lows. But he faltered at finishing things on a higher note.

In an attempt to keep it mainstream to the extent possible, Vikram survived a big mess. The run time, songs and climax can be the lone disappointers in the film.

(If the audience had that magical watch, guess they could have chopped off the songs and fast forwarded the film a bit and creative chaps would’ve added a different climax!)


- Brilliant fictional Story
- Engrossing scenes and engaging Screenplay
- Suriya’s performance
- Samantha’s glamor
- Cinematography
- Editing
- Re-recording
- Production Design


- Songs
- Runtime


Well though the songs are well picturized, the songs just drag down the narrative’s pace. However AR Rahman’s re-recording is simply out of the world.


Production Design is top-notch.


Suriya’s 24 is a unique unpredictable fictional entertainer that takes its own time. It may disappoint anyone looking for some run-of-the-mill stuff. A must watch for Suriya, Vikram fans and different cinema lovers.

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