Hot Actress Made Lyricist A Celebrity

By - May 07, 2016 - 10:45 AM IST

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You might be having an actress or an actor as a friend but that doesn’t make you famous. It is only when that celebrity does something with you and puts it on social media that you hog the limelight. For that matter, you may be part of the industry too yet it may not really fetch you much.

Here is one example that will give you a clarity. Recently, the seductive beauty Shruti Haasan created a major ruckus when she posted a picture of herself with a guy and tweeted that she is having lunch with her husband. As expected, there was chaos among her fans and cine buffs.

Before things could go out of hand Shruti quipped that it was just her friend and she was fooling around. While that story is clear, in this process, that man became quite a celebrity. His name is Niranjan Iyengar and he is a Bollywood lyricist cum screenwriter. Nobody knew who he was till now but thanks to Shruti he has become a celebrity. 

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