Film Celebs Behind Would Be CM

By - May 12, 2016 - 06:12 PM IST

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Wherever there is success and power, you will see the majority of crowds flocking there. More than appreciating the achievements, the reason for crowding up is to see if they can get any opportunity and prosper. This happens more in the political field because that’s the big power center.

The nexus between film industry and politics goes a long way back and hence there are those film celebrities who are always ready to associate with those in power. This is the scene currently on at Tamil Nadu as the state is approaching its crucial elections on May 16.

Apparently, till the exit poll took place, everyone was silent. Once it was clear that the former heroine and AIADMK boss and current CM Jayalalithaa will become the CM again, the scene has changed. Some Tamil celebrities began offering their support to ‘Amma’ in the best way possible, you know for what.

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