Hidden Wildness Coming Out As Boldness

By - May 12, 2016 - 08:57 AM IST

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There is always a fine line between being bold and being shameless. This applies more when you are a film celebrity because accept it or not, you are always considered as a role model in a country like India and many look up to you with regard and inspiration.

However, there are those actors and actresses who think that flaunting a ‘care a damn’ attitude and displaying a ‘live life on my own terms’ is cool. Unfortunately, it comes under the category of shamelessness and wildness. The respect for such individuals is definitely wiped out after a while.

Currently, the ravishingly beautiful Radhika Apte has caused a stir. She has put up a picture wherein she is seen smoking without any hassles. While that may be perceived by her as boldness, the unanimous opinion coming from many is that her hidden wildness is actually not a great thing to appreciate about.

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