Rs 10 Cr Bracket For Star Directors

By - May 14, 2016 - 03:16 PM IST

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There was a time when animated discussions were happening regarding the remunerations of the top range heroes but cut to the present, even directors are not far behind. The interesting part is, even Tollywood has reached a stage where directors are charging a bomb.

This is happening a lot in the top league and earlier, single digit crores were the remuneration. But now, the meter has been hiked to double digits. So, as per the latest tariff card, star directors are charging nothing less than 10 crores for their work and they are not compromising one bit on it.

Taking that figure into stock and clubbing it with the crores of rupees taken by star heroes, you can imagine what is going to be the situation of the producer. In some cases, even the producer gets away but the ultimate burden of this all falls on the shoulders of the buyers and distributors.