Celebrity Singer's Shocking Comment On Hit Film

By - May 14, 2016 - 08:00 AM IST

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It is not a big deal if one among us criticizes a movie but it does make a huge difference when a celebrity says something negative. The situation gets more alarming when the film is actually getting positive reviews everywhere. Despite that, one situation has happened now.

The celebrity singer Malavika is known for her mellifluous voice and even those who know her say she is a very sweet person with a humble nature. However, she came up with a comment on her social media profile which has raised eyebrows across the film fraternity and her fans.

Her statement was this – ‘Just watched 24. Want to travel back in time and get my 3 hours back..Absolute waste of time.’

Given the way the movie has been performing and given her stature in the industry, this comment was rather unexpected from her. Perhaps Malavika can give some more clarity on why she didn’t like the flick.