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By - May 15, 2016 - 01:37 PM IST

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Piracy has been plaguing Indian film industry from a long while now. No measure has been fruitful enough to completely curb piracy. Suriya’s latest super hit 24 movie has also fallen prey to piracy.

Several 24 movie pirated copies were confiscated right on the release day in Bengaluru. Unlike other producers, 24 movie producer Gnanavel Raja staged a hunger strike demanding the Film industry heads & councils to come out with severe measures against piracy. Revealing the date & time of piracy done in Orion mall PVR, Bengaluru (9.45pm show), Raja demanded strict action in this issue. Of late, theatre unique code and forensic watermark are helpful in tracking piracy.

iQlikMovies supports producer Gnanavel Raja’s fight against piracy. #SayNoToPiracy. Do You? 

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