Director-Actor About Bharat Ratna To Sunny Leone

By - May 16, 2016 - 05:35 PM IST

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You would know the power of being a film star once you become one and there is always a certain privilege for the ladies. While heroines might have a shorter span of fame, it is the sex goddesses who rule the roost for a longer time. Lately, the only name heard all over India is that of the erotic sex goddess Sunny Leone.

Now, one director/actor from Tollywood has suggested about giving Bharat Ratna to Sunny Leone. His name is Raj Madiraju and he has come up with movies such as Rushi, Andhra Pori and very soon he would be seen with the movie Aithe 2.0. Meanwhile, Raj also did the hero’s father’s role in the hit movie Kalyana Vaibhogame.

It was the birthday of Sunny Leone yesterday and he gave a statement in Telugu and here’s a gist of it in English- ‘Looking at the way our folks have messaged Sunny Leone in personal and public ways yesterday, I fear (actually excited) they will recommend her name for Bharat Ratna. Why not? Didn’t Vidya Balan get national award for her role in ‘The Dirty Picture’.

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