Mahesh Babu And Pawan Kalyan Require This?

By - May 17, 2016 - 11:51 AM IST

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The only two names that you would mention when asked about the top stars of Tollywood are superstar Mahesh Babu and power star Pawan Kalyan. Both these heroes have grown beyond film reviews or divide talks. If it is their film then there is a certain benchmark of collections which happen by default.

Given that, is it really required for them to go out of their way and promote their films? Once it is announced their movie is arriving means people will come running to theatres. So, why have they changed their path? Recently, Pawan Kalyan came extensively for his movie Sardaar.

Him giving an interview for national media is understandable but eventually he was seen in almost every TV channel’s interview. Now, the same is happening with Mahesh regarding his movie Brahmotsavam. The one question both need to ask themselves is, is this over exposure necessary?

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