Ram Charan & Upasana to Act Soon?

By - May 18, 2016 - 10:50 AM IST

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The Mega daughter-in-law Upasana was a known name in the healthcare industry even before she married Mega Powerstar Ram Charan. She has also been adorning multiple hats such as the editor of Be Positive magazine and working on the advertisements of Apollo Life as well.

Upasana is not only going to manage these ads but also act in it! However, her appearance will be confined to only the end of the ad where she gives voice over about the product and her signed photograph will be shown.

This latest development has started speculations that Upasana might pair up with Ram Charan for an Apollo Ad in the future. Already, Chiranjeevi has been roped in for many Apollo events and it is interesting to know that Ram Charan is also offering his best help for his wife’s good work.

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