Role Model Father For Telugu Girls

By - May 19, 2016 - 05:00 PM IST

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It is an age old complaint you would hear about the heroines of Tollywood. Well, the desire to see an authentic Telugu girl in the big league of heroines and her becoming the queen of Tollywood is always high. But after the era of Jayaprada, Sridevi the prospect of another Telugu heroine never came up.

Generally, the members of the Tollywood fraternity do not encourage the ladies of their house to don the greasepaint and face the camera. In fact, you would not even have an idea of how some wives, daughters and sisters of few Tollywood folks would look like. That’s the strictness which is followed.

But one man has turned out to be a role model father for the Telugu girls. He is none other than Mega Brother Nagababu. He has encouraged his daughter Konidela Niharika to become a heroine and is also mentioning how girls should be encouraged to pursue their passions. Hats off Nagababu!

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