Heroines Love Mr Venket Ram Than Heroes

By - May 20, 2016 - 05:42 PM IST

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As a heroine, your chances of having a longer innings and getting more offers depends on how well you have a rapport with the directors, producers and most importantly, the heroes. Maintaining relations is very important in the tinsel town but here is something interesting about the Tollywood starlets.

It is being reported that heroines love one Mr Venket Ram more than heroes. He is neither a hero nor a producer nor a director then why this love? Well, G Venket Ram happens to be an excellent photographer and he is well known among the Tollywood media circuit.

The beauties love to pose for Venket Ram because he is adept at capturing them in the best way possible and they look extremely beautiful and attractive in his pictures. While some also go for private photoshoots with Venket Ram, he is touted as the most preferred by the actresses.

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