Where Is She All These Years?

By - May 21, 2016 - 02:51 PM IST

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There are those instances in life when you look at a particular heroine and are certain that she will go places but within a short span she disappears. Tollywood has seen many such beauties and one among them is Vedhika. She shot to fame with the movie Baanam alongside Nara Rohith.

Eventually, many expected she is here to stay. But after Baanam, Vedhika slipped off the radar. However, it was not like she vanished. This cute and talented starlet was busy showing her sheen in Mollywood, Sandalwood and Kollywood. Apparently, Vedhika is a more substance driven actress.

Her preference is more for roles which give her the scope to perform and less of skin show. Though Vedhika was present in Tollywood for a brief period, she did win the hearts of quite a few and they are hopeful that she would make a re-entry to Tollywood once again and make them happy. Are you listening Vedhika?

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