More about Samantha's BF Revealed

By - May 22, 2016 - 12:57 PM IST

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Hot & happening Samantha’s ‘Single Status’ has been the top most trending topic last week. However, Samantha’s recent clarification on her relationship status doubled the curiosity over her ‘Mr Right’!
Well Sam already hinted that her beau hails from Hyderabad but she has reportedly revealed more about him in a recent interview-
Sam’s fiancé is quite contrary to her in nature and that’s one of the key reasons why she likes him alot. He is very cool, calm, composed and good decision maker. Adding to this, Sam says he is a good cook unlike her. Taking this as a challenge, even Sam is learning to cook now (wish she comes out with flying colors). Moreover, Sam’s Mr. Right is cool about her acting career even after marriage.
We have already heard her announcing a short “break” from films and settle in life. Hope she puts an end to the suspense and make her big day official.

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