Uyyala Jampala Heroine's Dashing Attempt

By - May 23, 2016 - 08:30 AM IST

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After entering the path of becoming a heroine, there are many apprehensions and blocks that tend to eat you up. It is only those who overcome those barriers and try to break the routine who shine with flying colors. Perhaps the best example for that is the curly haired beauty Kangana Ranaut.

Anyhow, the talk now is about one curious heroine who has actually done something dashing. She is none other than Avika Gor and she sprang a surprise by walking the red carpet at the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival. Not only that, her look was totally European contrary to what we see here.

While all that has been happening, here is another update. She is being deemed as the first Tollywood actress to do that. It can be said that Avika got her due fame and recognition through Telugu movies than anything else. She is considered as good as a Telugu girl. Congratulations Avika!

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