Nani's 'Negative' Connection with Music Director

By - May 23, 2016 - 11:33 AM IST

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Natural Star Nani is one gifted actor who has tremendous comedy timing on screen. But Nani is also known for amazing wit even off the screen. Perhaps this is the reason why Nani has earned a separate set of fans altogether who appreciate wittiness and brilliance.

The actor has exhibited tremendous wit once again by heaping unique praise on composer Mani Sharma during the audio release of his latest film Gentleman. Nani told about an incident during his younger days when he had 45 rupees each to buy the audio CDS of AR Rahman and Mani Sharma’s album respectively.  But when AR Rahman’s album had higher cost, he was forced to steal Mani Sharma’s Audio CD!

Nani said that there is some negative connection he shares with Mani Sharma as after ages, he did Gentleman with Mani Sharma in which he plays a character with negative shades!