'Manam' Groups In Every Mobile Phone

By - May 24, 2016 - 03:34 PM IST

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The word ‘Manam’ was just used in Telugu frequently but these days it reminds us only of the Telugu movie which came as a family package from the Akkineni clan. The film also did extremely well and it showed a very nice appeal in terms of family attachment and bonding.

Now, the same ‘Manam’ has become a popular word which is being used in the social networking tool Whatsapp. It is being noticed that many ‘Manam’ groups are popping up on almost every mobile phone. Before you think it is some sort of new app or tool here are the details.

There are many family members who are using the name ‘Manam’ for their Whatsapp group. This has become like a sought after name used for the group whose members are all near and dear family members. Well, do we need to say more on how cinema influences our lives in different ways.