Brahmi fulfills his Fan's Wish

By - May 24, 2016 - 10:05 AM IST

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Brahmanandam is perhaps the only comedian in Telugu who has a largest fan base which is almost on par with star heroes. With a successful career spanning over nearly three decades, this actor never failed to generate laughter. Just like his on screen self, Brahmanandam is quite hilarious and at the same time adorable even off the screen.

Here is another real life incident which would make us admire Brahmi once again! In the era where the fans follow their favorite actors and struggle to get time to meet, Brahmi met one of his unique fans- an 82 year old lady named Saradamma!

This old woman is a diehard fan of Brahmanandam and during her peaceful days, she had an unfulfilled wish of meeting the actor at least once. She confessed the same to her grandchildren and they made their best trials to arrange the meeting. This update somehow reached Brahmi and the actor himself squeezed in time to meet her in person! However she took a decision to meet him by going to his house but not troubling him to come all the way for her.

After spending some quality time with her, Brahmi said that such fans made him what he is now!