Brad Pitt's Real Heroic Act in Discussion

By - May 26, 2016 - 11:55 AM IST

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The life of a versatile hero would naturally involve stunts, challenges and many adventures for every project which comes in their career. But there are some real heroes who exhibit great level of heroism even in real life!

One such handsome and talented hero is none other than Hollywood’s darling hero Brad Pitt. He earned the name Real hero now by saving a kid from danger in real life! The actor was filming in Los Pamas in a Spanish Island Grand Canaria. In order to stop fans from disturbing the shooting, the unit arranged barricades.

Yet the fans tried to break the barriers and try meeting the star. While one kid was stuck in this stampede, none of them observed it. Brad Pitt happened to see this and rescued the kid with the help of bodyguards. He met the kid’s mother as well and people appreciated Brad Pitt’s heroic instinct!

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