What An Interesting Title!

By - May 28, 2016 - 03:57 PM IST

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Among the many components that make a film appealing the most important one is the title. There are instances wherein people didn’t come to the theatres just because the title was weak and good movies got a raw deal. So, filmmakers these days are focusing a lot on coming up with good titles.

One title which has become the talk of the cine buffs is Ramayanam. This is said to mark the debut of the noted comedian/writer Harshavardhan as director. Harshavardhan shot to fame with the famous comedy series in TV Amrutham. From thereon, he has shined on silver screen few times.

Coming back to his debut venture, the response has been quite positive as many find the title to be interesting. Though it reminds us of the holy epic, sources reveal this is an urban youthful romantic treat. Given Harshavardhan’s taste, this is bound to be a fun filled entertainer. All the best Harsha!

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