PVP Open Letter on Rumors

By - May 29, 2016 - 01:21 PM IST

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PVP Cinema is one of the most coveted production houses in Telugu & Tamil film industry.

Earlier PVP cinema was known for being the ace financier in the T’town and later it earned a image with successive hits like Oopiri (Thozha in Tamil) & Kshanam. However the production house was expected to be the game changer with Brahmotsavam movie but unfortunately saw a bitter result.

At this juncture, rumors were rife in Kollywood that PVP Cinema is quitting from films due to the huge losses incurred with Thozha (as Oopiri collected more). However PVP Cinema lashed out these rumors and came out with an open letter clarifying things.

This open letter clearly shows PVP Cinema’s passion over cinema & commitment towards filmmaking. Wishing them good luck ahead...

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