Ex Heroines Still Popular With Saree Ads

By - May 30, 2016 - 05:14 PM IST

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The general path chosen by those actresses and heroines who have lost their juice in the silver screen circuit is, they shift to the small screen circuit. Some of them end up playing a much longer and successful innings on TV than in movies. Those who don’t do TV have another choice.

They end up becoming ad models and grab their fame through saree ads. For instance, the ad of RS Brothers still has the desirable seductress Deeksha Seth in it. Fact is, she has packed her bags long ago and though some felt she would make her mark in Bollywood but even that didn’t happen.

While all that is one side, still the saree ads in theatres are showing Deeksha and she has made the best use of it. It must be said that Deeksha is one of those cases who had all the ingredients to become a top league heroine but lack of proper opportunity and patience seems to have sealed her fate.

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