Two Big Heroes And Court Case

By - June 03, 2016 - 10:23 AM IST

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The very instance of getting embroiled in a court case is a major headache in India. This is because the cases drag on for years together and you will be sucked out of your blood, age and money by the time the judgement comes. Imagine what happens when the cases involve big filmstars.

Given their demand, the cases can take centuries to be resolved. But there is also another side to it. Recently, a criminal case was filed against Bollywood’s mighty heart Salman Khan and Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan. This had to do with them wearing shoes and entering a makeshift temple in a TV show.

A lawyer by name Gaurav Gulati had filed this case but now the Delhi High Court has reserved its order on the criminal complaint. He is questioning the Action Taken Report (ATR) given by Delhi Police wherein they gave a clean chit to both the superstars. The coming days will reveal the true situation.