Heroes Love To Touch Secret Parts

By - June 03, 2016 - 04:52 PM IST

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Don’t start using your naughty imagination reading the headline because we are talking about something neat and worthwhile. Lately, many heroes in Tollywood are looking to touch secret parts. By this we mean the heroes don’t want to go to routine locations for shooting their movies.

They want to explore those secret parts of the world which are yet to be shown on the silver screen. Their focus is more on remote places and rare places which are fresh and yet to be exploited by the cine field. Places like Europe, USA, Far East have become very common.

Now, they want to shoot in places like South America, South Africa and other places. While the idea is nice, it is only possible for films with sizeable budgets. But yes, the experience for the audience is going to be outstanding if these locales are captured in the appropriate manner.

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