Why Baahubali Is Behind Kabali In Promotion?

By - June 04, 2016 - 10:29 AM IST

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We are currently living in a phase where the south cinema is creating havoc across the nation and it is knocking down many doors in the north showing its true power. The magnum opus Baahubali has already done that and now another movie is following suit. We are talking about the film Kabali.

But now, the race has gone international and it appears that Kabali has overtaken Baahubali in a big way. As such, Kabali is doing some really aggressive promotion in different countries and even the Malay teasers are also coming. As for Baahubali the Chinese version’s release talk is happening.

However, no poster or teaser is to be seen. The best that we have right now is Rajamouli and his team interacting with the Chinese media. Many feel it is about time Baahubali pulls up its socks because on an international scale, Kabali is pacing ahead and has picked up good momentum.