Directors' Shaping Producers Before Heroes

By - June 04, 2016 - 03:53 PM IST

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In the past, when you are a director you would have been attributed the credit of shaping up heroes and heroines and moulding them as performers. Cut to the present, it is no longer important. More than that, today directors have a much greater challenge, to shape up producers.

Well, they should approach rich people and give them the confidence of how the story will work at the box office and bring them huge profits. At the same time, they must identify those rich people who have passion and bug for cinema. In this process, some are getting convinced.

They are jumping in with passion and doing two or three movies. After burning their hands and realizing how the situation is, they are stepping back and directors are searching for new producers. Though it is a unusual process, that’s what is happening right now due to various reasons.

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