Heating Up Internet With Spicy Poses

By - June 06, 2016 - 01:05 PM IST

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From the time the internet invasion has taken place, it has become the best platform for aspiring heroines and actresses to showcase their mettle in terms of glamour quotient. Some of them like Poonam Pandey became celebrity queens thanks to their visual feasts in the virtual world.

Akin to that, yet another beauty is making her presence felt with some really spicy treats. Her name is Sony Charishta and those who have observed her pictures say monthly twice she comes up with photo shoots. Each time she chooses a different backdrop and her costumes are rather erotic.

Sony Charishta is a well known model from the past 15 years and she is often seen in fashion shows and showroom inaugurations. But her frequent photoshoots reveal her heart lies in movies. Let us wait to see if anyone from Tollywood falls for Sony’s spicy treat and offers her a chance.

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