Universal Studios Features In RFC

By - June 06, 2016 - 03:00 PM IST

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If you prepare a bucket list about the places to see in the world then one among them would certainly be the Universal Studios in USA. However, reality states that only those who can afford the money and be fortunate to get the US Visa can actually go there. But here is some good news.

The famous Ramoji Film City has now come up with an entertainment zone which is quite similar to Universal Studios. The kind of rides Universal has, RFC is also coming up with that. Already, the central jail ride is quite similar to that. Eventually, few other games and other forms of entertainment would be there.

This is truly an inspiring and exciting initiative from RFC because just for Rs 1100 you are in for a new world of entertainment on par with Universal Studios. Of course, food and other expenses are yours. As such, the Universal Studios ticket is Rs 7000. In RFC, many are free rides inside so visit that place and have fun.

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