NRI Lady Following For Trivikram

By - June 07, 2016 - 11:21 AM IST

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The importance of the overseas market especially the USA territory was discovered a little late but once it was recognized, a lot of focus is being put on the flavor of movies. At the same time, very few Tollywood celebrities have managed to establish their own following and market in that region.

Usually, it is the star heroes who tend to have that market and following but in Tollywood there is one director who has his own following. He is none other than the wizard of words Trivikram Srinivas. And there is another factor why Trivikram is better than the rest.

After superstar Mahesh Babu, it is Trivikram that the NRI ladies love a lot. They keep following his speeches and his works a lot and whenever his movies come, it is like a festival to them. Their patronage has now catapulted Trivikram’s latest movie A…Aa to great heights of success in US Box office.

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