Kamal Hassan faces Dalit Heat

By - June 08, 2016 - 10:27 AM IST

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The talented father-daughter duo Kamal Hassan and Shruti Hassan headed to Los Angeles to start off shooting for their latest offering Sabash Naidu which is touted to be an out and out comedy. Even before the first schedule is done, Kamal is faced with serious threat from Dalit associations.

The main reason for the anger of Dalit associations is the film’s title itself. They alleged that Kamal has targeted Naidu community by naming the film so. The association is planning to complain to Tamil Nadu government to request change in the title or ban the film.

If neither of that happens, they are ready to start off a new agitation in Chennai and Coimbatore against the film.

Meanwhile, Kamal has been updating his fans over his Twitter handle with the on-set pictures of Sabash Naidu. Controversies and opposition isn’t new to Kamal and we will have to see how he would face this new challenge!

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