After NBK, Nani Becomes Pawan Fan Now

By - June 08, 2016 - 08:46 PM IST

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Natural Star Nani is one of the most promising and happening heroes in the current generation. He has a unique fan base for himself but somehow he has chanted Balayya mantra in his recent release KVPG. His “Jai Balayya” tattoo on the hand has been under discussion for a while that gave mileage to the film as well. After Balayya, he is chanting Pawan Kalyan mantra!

Going into the details, Nani shall be seen with a ‘Pawan Kalyan tattoo’ with the caption ‘Prema Geema lanti Thokkalo Commitments Pettukokoodadu’ in his upcoming film under the direction ofdirector Virinchi Varma (of Uyyala Jampaala movie fame). This Kushi dialogue was the one of the most trendsetting dialogue in Telugu cinema and now Nani is also using it.

We have to wait and see how Pawan fans would encourage this!

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