Talented Writer Cum Actor's 'Ramayanam'

By - June 09, 2016 - 04:36 PM IST

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If there is a religion which has the power to show the way to the world and how life has to be led then it is Hinduism. Two of the great epics which cover the end to end facet of human emotions and the path of Dharma is ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’. They can be made into movies like hundred times.

Now, one talented writer cum actor is coming up with a movie called as Ramayanam. He is none other than Harshavardhan. However, it is not the tale of Lord Rama or Goddess Seetha. It is a fun filled love story with a lot of humour. Harshavardhan shot to fame after penning dialogues for Manam.

According to sources, he is planning to make Ramayanam in his own perspective and there could be some or the other link to the great epic. Though he has proved his mettle as an actor and writer, Harshavardhan’s heart lies in direction so he will wield the megaphone very soon.

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