Heroine's Serious Allegations on Director

By - June 10, 2016 - 11:30 AM IST

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The serious war between Kollywood heroine Ishara and Engeda Iruthinga Ivvalapu’s team has become a biggest controversy in the film industry now. The director and producer were furious on Ishara’s unprofessional behavior in skipping the shooting spot despite agreeing for the call sheets.

But Ishara’s version of the story is totally different where she made some serious allegations on the director! She said that the director Kevin Joseph was using abusive language in the sets which made her very uncomfortable. She also said that the director was trying to sexually exploit her and she couldn’t tolerate such behavior. An upset Ishara said that no actress could digest such harmful behavior on sets ad unrealistic demands from the director.

However, Kevin pushed all this away saying that he already apologized for whatever differences happened and as of now he is focused on completing the film in time.