Lip Lock Is Not A Big Deal

By - June 10, 2016 - 05:26 PM IST

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Cinema is a medium of entertainment and it contains a myriad of emotions and feelings. One such feeling is passion and in the last few years, Indian cinema has been coming up with quite a bit of skin show, steamy passionate scenes. This has become more prominent in the Bollywood circuit.

As part of that, the lip locks have become staple diet for almost every movie. Given that, one movie hitting headlines due to lip lock is rather unusual. We are talking about the Bollywood flick Do Lafzon Ki Kahaani which has our very own saucy seductress Kajal Aggarwal as the leading lady.

The trimming was suggested to the particular kissing scene by Censor Board. Point is, will this cutting be of any use and before that, is this cutting actually required. These days, lip lock is no longer a big deal and it looks as if censor board made a scene out of it. Well, that has also helped for publicity.

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