Innovative Title 'Kattappava Kanom'

By - June 13, 2016 - 03:47 PM IST

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The names of few onscreen characters would forever be remembered by you due to the impact they create. One such character is that of Kattappa in the recent magnum opus Baahubali. Things got more intriguing when Kattappa is shown as killing Baahubali and nobody knows why he did it.

The role of Kattappa is essayed by Satire Star Sathyaraj. Anyhow, one filmmaker in Tamil was smart enough to name his movie as Kattappava Kanom which means Kattappa is missing. His name is Mani Seiyon and the other interesting part is, the film has Sibi Sathyaraj as the hero.

Sibi happens to be the son of Sathyaraj and the entire shooting is done barring the canning of the songs. The dubbing is said to be on and it remains to be seen whether this movie will arrive in Telugu or not. For now, the title has become catchy enough that many cine circuits are talking about it.

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