Clash b/w Nana & Prakash Raj Team?

By - June 14, 2016 - 10:25 AM IST

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When two brilliantly talented people come together for the purpose of work, ego clashes and creative differences arise. A similar situation happened with the Bollywood’s seasoned actor Nana Patekar and brilliant character actor Prakash Raj.

Prakash Raj is directing the brilliant actor Nana Patekar for the film Tadka which also has Ali Fazal, Shriya Saran and Tapsee in lead roles. However, the sources say that Prakash Raj is finding it hard to work with Nana because of the latter’s own strategies and working style.

Apparently, Nana Patekar walked out of the set because he was disappointed with the team’s production management. Prakash Raj was also earlier known for controversies with directors like Srinu Vaitla in the past and now this is unfortunate to see him facing another trouble.