Hot Lady On Shoe

By - June 15, 2016 - 02:54 PM IST

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The benefit of being a celebrity is when you begin endorsing a product or start your own range of products, the attention factor is high. And if you are able to show some decent creativity in your product then it starts selling like hot cakes. This is something very commonly followed in Bollywood circuit.

There are many star wives who are into interiors and designer wear boutiques. Similarly, few actresses are into decorative items, paintings, jewellery and what not. But one hot lady has decided to focus on the feet. She is none other than the dusky Bengali bombshell Bipasha Basu.

Recently she got married and is now focusing on a business and that is footwear. Incidentally, Bips happens to be one of the curators for a lifestyle brand called The Label Life and as part of that, she designed a brogue which has become the best seller. Not to mention, the celebrity value adds to the business.