Why Rajamouli Hates The Word 'Tollywood'?

By - June 15, 2016 - 08:05 AM IST

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After going through all the challenges to achieve success and continuing the success streak for a while, you tend to develop a habit of saying things after a lot of thought and feel. The tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli is also one such person. Whenever he says something it sounds very convincing.

During one of his media interactions a little while ago, Rajamouli reportedly said he doesn’t like the word Tollywood to identify the Telugu film industry. This is because Tollywood is a name that came as imitation of Hollywood and Bollywood. In fact, Bollywood took inspiration from Hollywood for its name.

Since T is the first letter for Telugu the name of Tollywood has come. According to Rajamouli, it is not that apt and Telugu film industry feels correct for him. He reportedly mentioned that he doesn’t like imitations so he prefers to call as Telugu film industry or Hindi film industry. Point taken Rajamouli!

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