Actress Rubs Religion On Wrong Side?

By - June 16, 2016 - 08:35 AM IST

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The medium of cinema is such that it is open to public and given the democracy we live in, anyone has the right to raise an issue. While some of them are merely silly, there are times when film personalities do goof up big time. One incident which took place now involves a well known heroine.

We are talking about the Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez and she has rubbed a religion on the wrong side with her outfit for a song. This is for the movie Dishoom and the number is ‘Sau tarah ke…’. Apparently, Jackie is seen in a sexy outfit exposing her full thighs and legs.

While that has become common, what grabbed attention was the Kirpan around her waist. Kirpan is a sacred thing for the Sikhs and it is one among those five mandatory components that define a true Sikh. With this, the Gurdwara Management Committee has sent a letter to CBFC demanding the removal of the song and apology from Dishoom team. Let us see what happens to the song and Jackie now.

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