Meeku Meere Maaku Meeme Movie Review and Ratings

By - June 17, 2016 - 04:06 PM IST

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Cast: Tarun Shetty, Avantika Mishra, Kireeti Damaraju
Banner: Nakama Planet Green Studios
Music: Shravan
Cinematography: Surya Vinay
Editor: Marthand K Venkatesh
Producer: Nakama Planet Green Studios
Direction: Hussain Sha Kiran 

Routine yet Feel Good!

Aadhi (Tarun Shetty) is a current generation guy who doesn’t take anything seriously in life including relationships and love. However, he falls in love with Priya (Avanthika) and the feeling is mutual. But he fails to allot quality time to the relationship and always lives in his own world. He is always obsessed with video games and doesn’t come out of it. But Priya takes the relationship quite seriously and questions him saying whether he has any reason to love her. She also says she has strong reason to love him. Saying so, she walks out of his life and assures him that once he finds the answer, she will come back.  Can Aadhi find out an answer for this?- forms the rest of the plot.


Tarun Shetty: He looks quite handsome and does good deal of performance as well. He does a great job as the guy next door. He didn’t put on much makeup or stylish costumes and that is the reason he looked so convincing!

Avanthika: She does complete justice to the role of Priya. She could manage to give subtle expressions with great ease. She looked equally graceful in modern as well as traditional costumes.

Kireeti: He took the complete responsibility of providing comedy relief in the film. His timing and the love track provides promising laughter.


Hussain Sha Kiran happened to provide the story for Jr NTR starrer Nannaku Prematho and with this film he became a full time director. The film doesn’t have great twists or novelty and breathes simplicity. This aspect would be admired by youngsters. Guys who usually go behind girls until they fall in love take them for granted once the proposal is done. The phone conversations also turn out quite boring and bland in this stage. Even the normal aspects like love and care look like huge demands for the guy. Hussain managed to write exactly such sort of conversations for this film. Here is where the film falls out with inexperience. Every scene may not be downright entertaining but would leave a smile on the audience’s face. The first half goes on in a relaxing pace with wit and fun times.

The second half falters however with slow pace. It would even look like the director showed all his best abilities in the first half itself. Though the elevated scenes look routine, there is no other way they could have been handled. The director succeeded in crafting a relaxing love story in the confined budget.


- Freshness of subject
- Simple portrayal of characters
- Funny Sequences


- Slow second half
- No novelty

Shravan’s music is quite pleasant to hear. All the songs are melodious but may not have the repeated appeal. Re-recording is quite good as well.


The biggest highlight of this film is cinematography and is made on a rich visual style. The color combination is quite admirable as well.


Despite being a first film, Hussain Sha Kiran doesn’t confuse himself anywhere during the narration. If the second half was handled with equal care as the first half, it would have been a better product.

These days we are witnessing many small budget films which are bombing at the Box Office. But M2M2 can be conveniently excluded from the danger list!